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Portrait of Brigette Supernova holding a kitten
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photo of Brigette Supernova photgraphing a music concert

Brigette Supernova started her first business when she was ten years old, taking out elderly neighbors' trash for 25¢ a bag. Even back then she knew her work hustle was more about creating connections and opportunity than it was about making mad money. After getting a BFA in Photography and a BA in Art History, Brigette earned a Master's degree in Art History, Theory, and Criticism from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She wrote her thesis on the video and cinematic work of director Hype Williams. 

Born in Gary, Indiana with family roots in Appalachia and the blue collar immigrants of the Midwest, Brigette was raised in Indiana then lived in Chicago for seventeen years before moving to south Bronx, NY. Her modest beginning and sensitivity shaped the empathy and sincerity she brings to her work as a visual storyteller. Brigette believes is using visual communication and photography as platforms to  spotlight and honor others' truths, build equity, and enlighten through imagery.

In additional to her photography, Brigette works as a photo editor, photo director, visual strategist, and digital asset manager for employers and clients including The Daily Beast, Planned Parenthood, WFMT’s Stud Terkel Archives, Harpo Studios, Rand McNally, Harley-Davidson, TIME, and dozens of textbook publishers. She has expert knowledge of content copyright and intellectual property issues and has hired/directed hundreds of photographers for news and publishing assignments. She works swiftly, accurately, and confidently when it comes to placing the best content for any given story, product, or campaign. Brigette loves taking on challenging image research projects, digging deep for fascinating content and previously untold or buried stories.

Brigette sometimes jokes getting her Master's degree was a very expensive way to learn how to write well. She’s published articles on a variety of topics including animal welfare, music and entertainment, copyright, travel, celebrity interviews, news, and fine art. She understands the demands and business model of digital and social publishing, and enjoys staying abreast of industry innovations (currently reading up on blockchain and how it can improve visual asset authentication and defend intellectual property claims).

While she stays pretty busy with work and personal projects, Brigette also takes time to volunteer for animal welfare and human social justice causes. She's been noodling  two book projects and some paintings she may one day finish. She used to play roller derby, was a background actor on TV shows and movies filmed in Chicago, and takes her role as an loving, feminist Aunt very seriously.


Brigette welcomes opportunities to collaborate on visual storytelling, archiving or researching visual materials, and working towards a more equitable, enlightened, and compassionate society.

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