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A Visual History of Black Suffragettes

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

This project was to not only mark the 100th anniversary of Suffragettes obtaining the right to vote, but to also highlight the often-forgotten women of color who've been fighting for the right to vote for as long—and longer—than their white counterparts. I was given 24 hours and a challenging budget of zero dollars to find content for the video and graphics teams to work with. Luckily, I have two decades of knowledge and experience with archives and knew exactly where to look for images I could license at no cost! Without this research, the project would not have been able to succeed in the way it did.

In addition to researching and licensing the images, I did in-depth research to curate a rich list of names for the teams to work with, including short biographies on each woman. I also provided options for Latina, Asian, Indigenous, but those folks were not used as the team decided to focus solely on Black women as part of a multi-org coalition effort called "Black August".

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